Making Viral Video Truly Measurable

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A new partnership between Kantar Video and OpenAmplify looks to make viral video all the more measurable. Using OpenAmplify’s The Meaning Platform (which measures semantics within content) and Kantar’s video analytics (Videolytics), marketers will have an opportunity to see beyond a video’s raw numbers such as total views.

“For the first time, marketers can not only verify that their video is getting in front of the right audience, but also find out exactly what those people thought about it: what parts of the message they picked up on, which bits they loved, what they weren’t so keen on, who they shared it with, and what they intend to do as a result of that video,” said Mark Redgrave, CEO, OpenAmplify. “Earned media needs metrics that make relevant and in context, and VideolyticsTM delivers an integrated solution for marketers.”

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